Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Windows Vista

Windows Vista launch is just 20 days away and there is a lot of anticipation in the market. At first look the GUI is fantastic; the Aero visual interface provides cool effects such as translucent windows borders and a way to scroll through a 3-D stack of open windows to find what you want. Search windows integrated into every explorer window and Sidebar-which contains “gadgets” such as headlines, weather update are great. Many of these features seem to mimic Apple’s OS X Tiger operating system with some enhancements. Like myself most of the people using beta version now, seem to like these features.

Just to make sure everybody knows that Windows Vista has enhanced performance over Windows XP,Microsoft has coined some new terms or features like Sleep, SuperFetch, Windows ReadyBoost™, and Ready Drive.
Sleep is the new name for going into Standby or Hibernate state.
Superfetch new name for the memory managements system in Windows Vista.
ReadyBoost refers to the use of external Flash memory to increase the main system RAM in your computer.
ReadyDrive is the name for the Sleep mode working on a Windows Vista PCs equipped with a hybrid hard disk. Hybrid hard disks are a new type of hard disk, with integrated non-volatile flash memory(SuperFetch).
To me except for ReadyBoost which quickly increases your system memory (RAM), all other features are old wine in new bottles. Windows Vista needs ReadyBoost badly because hundreds of new features are big drain on the memory and it is it's biggest problem causing software bloat. Second problem is with finding the right drives for installing the 64-bit version of Windows Vista. It may disable a lot of your applications and hardware. So be careful before you install it on a working computer. Last but not the least, we hope the final version is bug-free because beta version is being updated everyday. All in all its a thumps up from me.

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good job surinder.i am windows fan too